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Uniform & Etiquette

With the right uniform, you are ready to perform

Ballet Uniform & Etiquette

Ballet is a wonderful art form and we are so lucky to be able to learn the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Syllabus. It is a fantastic organisation at the forefront of ballet training. With classical Ballet also comes discipline and it is a genre that requires certain standards in student behaviour and uniform.

The way you approach your class is so important. At The Dance Factory we want to encourage students to be responsible for their appearance and for them to know that it is important when studying dance, even if it is for fun. Students are expected to enter the ballet studio and be focused throughout the lesson. Please respect your teacher by listening and responding to corrections and of course HAVE FUN! We all want to enjoy our ballet class and this can still be achieved when we listen and pay attention. We hope parents will support our expectations!


Dance, the Uniform and dress code

It is important to dress neat and tidy
for class


Shoes are very important. Low heel canvas for G1 and G2, Cuban heel from G3. It is a different style of dance so ballet shoes should not be worn. The skirts are expensive but must be worn for exams and class so please do check the swap shop to see if you can buy a second hand one.


Please check that your children have hair kits in their ballet bags and encourage them to help each other with buns before class. Ideally in a bun from Grade 1.
Baby Ballet to Primary – A neat ponytail, if you can do a bun you get extra brownie points!
G3 and above – a BUN is a must!! Girls are more than able enough to do their own hair before class.
Wearing hair down and / or moving around obstructs the line of the head and neck and can be off putting when turning or moving quickly! It is safer that it is out of the way. From G3 and above students will be given two warnings about their hair and asked to come the following week with correct hair. A student may be asked to watch their class if they are not dressed correctly.

Extra Layers

Cotton lycra cross–over cardigans in the same colour as your leotard can be worn for class. This is the only layer that will be allowed. Baggy jumpers and fashion tops are a no no!

Ballet Uniform through the grades

Our ballet classes follow the RAD syllabus and
we follow the RAD uniform

Baby to Primary - Girls

Pink R.A.D. Short Sleeve Leotard (‘Chloe’). Pink R.A.D. Wrap Voile Skirt. Pink Wrap Cardigan. Pink Ballet socks or Tights. Pink Leather Ballet shoes

Grade 1 & 2 - Girls

Mulberry R.A.D. Sleeveless Leotard (‘Aimee’). Pink or Mulberry Wrap over cardigan. Pink Ballet socks or Tights. Pink Leather Ballet shoes. Character Skirts with 3 pink ribbons and low heel Character Shoes

Grade 3 & 4 - Girls

Navy R.A.D. Sleeveless Leotard (‘Faith’). Navy or Black Wrap over cardigan. Pink Ballet Tights. Pink Leather Ballet shoes. Black Character skirt with 3 pink ribbons and Cuban black Character shoes

Grade 5 and above - Girls

Navy R.A.D. Sleeveless Leotard (‘Faith’). Navy or Black Wrap over cardigan. Pink Ballet Tights. Pink Leather Ballet shoes. Black Character skirt with 3 pink ribbons and Cuban black Character shoes. With the option to wear own black leotard, and Black Wrap over cardigan

All grades - Boys

White T-shirt or leotard. Blue shorts or leggings. White Ballet socks & shoes

Intermediate & Advanced

Black classical leotard of dancers own choice with black Wrap over cardigan. Pink Ballet Tights. Pink Leather Ballet shoes & pointe shoes.

Modern Tap & Commercial Jazz

What to wear to dance class

Modern & Tap Uniform

Girls – Sleeveless Cotton-Lycra  ISTD leotard – plum or purple   (Students choice)

Tap – Black Jazz pants (Well fitted for exams)  Black Tap shoes

Modern – Black calf length leggings. Bare feet

Boys – Black plain T-shirt or Dance Factory T-shirt.  Black Jazz pants.  Bare feet / Tap shoes

(Adult Tap – No leotard needed!!!!  Just casual clothing)

Commercial Jazz

Black Jazz Pants

Own T-Shirt or leotard/ Dance Factory T-Shirt or hoody

(Order through Miss Katy)

Where to buy the dance uniform

There is a lovely dance shop called 'Gandolfi'
on Mill Rd in Wellingborough (who make uniform
and shoes to size) or the fantastic 'A Dancers World' shop in Northampton and their shop online. You can also order and check all DF uniform on our online shop. Links for all are below

Examples of the uniforms

Pre-Primary & Primary Uniform

Grade 1 Folded Skirts

Modern Uniform

Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 3 & 4

Tap Uniform

Grade 1 Character

Grade 5 & 6

Boys Uniform